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Make Up Add Value For Enhancing Overall Personality – Mrs. Shweta Deshmukh, A Well-known Film Makeup Artist
Traditional Makeup
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 DSC7258 After Makeup

Our confidence level grown up after attending the workshop on Beauty and Image Makeup – says Students of Suryadatta Design School

The Suryadatta Institute of Fashion Technology (SIFT) had organized a Workshop on “Makeup” on 26th and 27th April’16. The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Shweta Deshmukh, a well known Film Makeup Artist. Around 40 students from the Suryadatta Institute of Vocational and Advanced Studies (SIVAS) had participated in the workshop.

Mrs. Shweta Deshmukh is a well-known Film Makeup Artist. She owns two branches of Makeup Studio under the names Blaze Makeup Studio & Institute and Blaze Photo Studio. She has done fashion shows for the film director “Madhur Bhandarkar” at Pune, Mumbai and Delhi. She also works as a Film Makeup Artist for movies, short films and advertises.

The workshop started with the product knowledge for Makeup. The various products and its brands used for makeup were explained by Shweta Deshmukh. The different products used for the Makeup are Cosmic Concealer, Krylon Supra, Eye colour- Miss Claire, Eye shadow, Loose Powder, Eyebrow blusher, Dusky candy, Mascara, Lipstick, Brushes, Sponge bottle and Lip Gloss. The students learnt 3 different Makeups- Simple, Traditional and Western/Party wear Makeup. The Demo was conducted on the volunteer students and later the students practiced the techniques of each makeup taught.

As per explained by Shweta Deshmukh, the simple Makeup is used for Professional or Corporate life on a daily basis. The simple makeup gives a confident fresh look and the natural beauty gets highlighted through this. This makeup helps in giving a natural look. Traditional Makeup is done on Sarees and Lengas. They can be done on certain special or traditional occasions. This makeup helps in retaining the sweetness and beauty of the face. The eye makeup is the important aspect. For the Western Makeup which is usually done for Evening Parties. The makeup is done on Gowns, One-pieces, etc. More of Sheamer is used. Heavy Makeup is the focus for the Makeup. Page 2 of 4 Smoky eye look which is the current trend was shown on the model. This Makeup is usually done among young generations.

Through this workshop the students learnt how makeup changes your look completely. By the use of this makeup the students can enhance their confidence and develop their personality. Today Makeup is considered as an important aspect to show your personality and confidence in the competitive life. The students enjoyed the workshop and this will surely help them in their coming future.



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