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Suryadatta Education Foundation's Pune Institute of Applied Technology (PIAT)

Suryadatta School of Interior Design & Decoration

The goal of Pune Institute Of Applied Technology (PIAT) is to provide excellent facilities for the professional and specialized training in Interior Design & Decoration a contemporary vibrant and interesting field that offers several dimensions and perspectives.

We at PIAT believes that there is need for creative and well trained professionals who are knowledgeable in functional and aesthetic design of spaces for various needs keeping up to date with the modern evolving trends in the field of Interior Design & Decoration, this will in turn result in improving the life style of the society.

Students of Interior Design & Decoration have vast scope in the field of industrial, commercial, residential as well as specialized kind of interior projects. To fulfill this need PIAT provides all necessary infrastructure facilities, expert faculty and exposure to attain excellence in this field.



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